I have been working in and around trees since starting my Tree Surgery business in 2004. Over the years, I have enjoyed training people new to the industry to climb and work in the trees. Then, during camping weekends in the woods, we would build rope swings for our friends using all our tree climbing equipment.


I first discovered a love for the woods when I was introduced to mountain biking at Penshurst Bike Park back in the early 90s. I helped to clear and build trails and this quickly evolved into an all-consuming passion, culminating in various sponsorship deals for riding. It’s immensely satisfying that we can now use the same woodland as our base for Canopy; Maddy and I also had our wedding reception there!


Away from the trees, I’m a keen snowboarder and rock climber even though these activities have trailed off a little since our two children were born. Maddy and I also refurbished our first house and we are now embarking on a new self build project.



Aside from working as a Tree Surgeon for the last 10 years, I have always had an interest in climbing.  My brother and I ran a boat rigging business in Brighton and we had to climb to repair masts on a wide variety of boats. Trees feel very stable compared to a tall skinny boat mast!


In this line of work it’s important to have a sense of adventure and this carries over into my down time too. I enjoy wild camping; just me, some friends, a hammock and a fire. One winter I took the opportunity to work a season in Morzine in the French alps, where I drove the transfer bus from the airport to various resorts around the Alps. This was great, if not a bit demanding in the heavy snow with the responsibility for a van load of holiday makers.


I have been running the tree surgery business with John since I stopped working for Sussex Wildlife Trust when we had children. Now the kids are in school, I can be found at the bottom of a tree setting happy climbers on their way.


I, too, am a keen snowboarder and really enjoy getting away to the mountains when business permits. Growing up in the Tunbridge Wells area, I have enjoyed the luxury of having access to great rock climbing at the numerous sandstone outcrops in the area. For the first time, my degree in Psychology and Sport is being put to good use at Canopy.


However, there’s occasionally time to relax and, as a family, we go camping when we can and spend as much time outdoors as possible.


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