Bookings are taken with the understanding that all customers adhere to the instructors at all times and behave in a sensible and appropriate manner.

Alterations to booking by customer

Canopy will, wherever possible, up to 48 hours prior to the start of the activity process any customer requests to make changes to booked activity times, group numbers and dates. This is at the discretion of Canopy and may not always be possible.

Cancellations to booking by customer

Cancellations by a customer up to 48 hours before the activity start time will receive a full refund, there will however be administration charge of £10.00.

If the customer fails to turn up then a full payment will still be due and shall be taken using the card details from the booking.

If, within 48 hours of the activity, the customer cancels the activity full payment will still be due and will be taken using the card details from the booking.

Cancellation to booking by Canopy

Tree climbing is weather-dependent. If there are severe weather conditions that may prevent us from running a session safely then the session will be postponed to a mutually convenient time or a full refund offered. In the rare instance that it may be necessary, Canopy reserve the right to cancel the activity where conditions prevent safe participation or where insufficient bookings or participant cancellation make the activity unworkable. Canopy reserves the right to refuse any bookings without supplying a reason.

In rare instances, Canopy may have to correct errors or make changes from the advertised information on the website after bookings have been confirmed.


No person should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or during the activity. If a person is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs even from the night before it will be the instructor’s discretion whether this person will be able to take part in the activity. No monies will be refunded if the person does not take part.

Canopy has the right to cancel or curtail a session should the behaviour of the individuals or group be deemed inappropriate. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.

Personal Property

Canopy cannot guarantee the security of any property including vehicles brought to our sites and no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage. A customer’s property is at all times their responsibility.

Additional Policies

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they arrive on time for their session as stated in the booking confirmation. This time slot includes transfer to the tree where necessary, and the provision and handing back of all safety equipment.

Insurance and liability

Canopy has £10,000,000 Employers Liability Insurance and £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance; a copy of the Insurance Certificate can be provided on request.


Tree climbing takes place in a variety of habitats, and the participant acknowledges that these environments are never completely hazard free.
While Canopy makes every effort to minimise risks, we will not be held liable for accidents, death, injury or loss of property that are not a result of negligence on the part of Canopy or for any accidents or losses which are due to participant’s failure to follow the instructions of the instructors.
Any customer under the age of 18 years must have the explicit permission of his/her parent or legal guardian before being able to take part in activities with Canopy.  The parent or legal guardian needs to be aware and accept the risks involved in tree climbing and satisfy themselves accordingly.


Should you have cause to complain please speak to an instructor in the first instance and we will try to resolve the issue there and then. Any complaints after the session should be made in writing and not after 28 days of the activity taking place.