Before you come tree climbing on a corporate events day, children's holiday activity or schools groups tree climbing, below is everything you need to know:


What should I wear?

We recommend a pair of sturdy shoes (trainers, walking boots or similar). Long trousers, ideally a pair that allow freedom of movement. Shorts can be worn but you may well get scratched. Layers are good for the upper body, you can always give a layer to an instructor if you get hot. We provide gloves, safety glasses and a helmet but feel free to bring your own.


What if I don’t like it?

Our instructors are there to help you get up the tree as far as you feel comfortable. If you don’t like it we will get you back on the ground where you can relax and watch the others. You can always have another go if you decide you want to. We can’t offer any refunds at this stage.


Can we take pictures?

Yes of course! But please share them with us and on social media, make sure you tag us in them though! There is always a chance of dropping your phone or camera from up in the tree, I’ve done it a few times, its not great for the phone ...


Can we bring spectators?

Spectators are more than welcome provided they follow the same site rules as everyone else and listen to the instructors’ requests.


Do I have to be physically fit?

You don’t have to be especially fit or strong. Tree climbing is a physical activity but you can take it as steady as you need to.  A good positive attitude will overcome a lack of fitness or strength.


How high will I go in the tree?

This depends on the type of session and location. The ropes are set at 60ft (about 18 metres) for our Tree Climbing Adventure. It's not necessarily about getting to the top, it’s about having a go and setting yourself a challenge.


Are there toilet facilities?

Some of our locations have toilet facilities,  however due to Covid-19 these may be restricted. If none are available then a near by bush should suffice...


Are there refreshments?

We provide tea, coffee and water for climbers. Spectators are welcome to this facility for a small donation. Please feel free to bring your own refreshments too.


Is it safe?

Tree climbing is very safe when climbing with Canopy. Safety is our number one priority. All our equipment is checked before each climb and undergoes rigorous independent LOLER checks every 6 months. Our instructors are qualified and experienced. We only use fit and healthy trees which we inspect before each climb. There is an element of danger and risk, but if you follow the instructions you’ll be ok. There is a chance you will come away with some scratches and bruises as trees are quite rough and hard.

Still have a question?

Give us a call or email:

PHONE 01892 652 249 or 0797 482 6745